Gründungsgarage Chemnitz

Gründungsgarage Chemnitz is a driver for social entrepreneurship, social dialogues and creative, collaborative impulses.

  • We strengthen awareness of social and sustainable issues.
  • We support entrepreneurs in orienting their lives and work towards their values and the future.
  • We promote social entrepreneurship in our region.

Find out what we offer on Futurepreneur project days, with Open Garage events and with our program for social entrepreneurs.

Our values & vision


We believe that the best stories are created in community and that we can learn from each other.


We meet at eye level and work on the basis of trust. Honest communication has the highest priority for us.


We develop potential through personal and supportive interactions within the team and with our partners.


We recognise and experience the empowerment of our own strengths and ideas. Everyone can make their own positive contribution.


We welcome different perspectives and experiences in life and work. We see diversity as a driving force in our society.


We believe in the personal responsibility of each individual towards his or her environment and fellow human beings.

from making to founding

We want to live in a world where values and sustainability are important, both for private life and for work. A world where young people possess self-efficacy and work according to social-entrepreneurial principles. Where diverse people are also not intimidated by their diversity, but are curious about an exchange in solidarity and benefit from it. Where transparency and collaboration are firmly anchored. A world that transforms the creative spirit into start-up energy with a social focus.

Kulturhanse: Regional Start-Up Initiatives in Eastern Germany

Gründungsgarage Chemnitz is an officially funded partner in the funding program Kulturhanse – Regional Start-Up Initiatives in Eastern Germany. The project is funded by the Swiss DROSOS Foundation.

The Drosos Foundation funding program aims to establish a new start-up culture in Eastern Germany that serves everyone: socially, ecologically and sustainably. To this end, it supports regional start-up initiatives such as Gründungsgarage. The initiatives are intended to accompany young founders on their way to entrepreneurial independence. They also encourage young people to take entrepreneurial action in a meaningful way.

With this vision in mind, the program’s partners set up local start-up initiatives in a number of locations. They use the collective impact approach. Each initiative has a start-up lab, which is complemented with various other offerings on the topic of entrepreneurship.

These local initiatives encourage and support founders in their projects from the idea to the result. A digital learning environment is also being created to reach founders in rural areas. Through the Futurepreneur e.V. project days, students learn entrepreneurial skills. They are empowered to act in a meaningful and entrepreneurial way in the future.